Sunday, April 3, 2011

paws from the trip

While we were gone, we had an opportunity not just to visit our human loved ones, but their four-legged companions as well.

First up, Lily, we we arranged for adoption with my husband's dad. He was uncertain about getting a cat, but we knew he'd be a great home for a cat. Lily wasn't getting along with other cats and was in a rescue where she didn't have a lot of space to call her own because of her need to be isolated.

When she first came to live with my father-in-law, she was a shy girl. Now, about 10 years later, she's as friendly as can be! She comes to cozy up to new people and doesn't even mind being chased by a one-year-old tyke.

 Gonna get that kitty!
Almost got ya!
I see her!
Can't reach....kitty too high!
Smart kitty! Just out of reach. Lily loves being queen of the house.

Little Baby A loves animals, although her petting is more like a grab at this point. She has a dog "brother" but I didn't get a pic this time, and going back through my old pics causes too much heartache because there's dozens of my now fur angels Zuki and Heather.
 Zoe, pictured here with Baby A is my aunt-in-law's dog, a dachshund. She followed baby A around while we visited. Baby A loves the dog crate and puts her toys in them. She also has been known to be found napping in the dog bed. I foresee this in my future if we ever have human kids.
Another cousin's dog is Zeus, a dog whose breed we aren't sure. Love his underbite. 
Here's Baby A petting Zeus. Zeus is a barker, but it helps protect Chris's great aunt who is home alone sometimes. It's sometimes a nice warning to have a bark and feel a little protected by that woof. (I'm starting to appreciate it from Ellie.)
The theme of this post is beginning to be babies and critters. This is my sister's cat, Sid Vicious, who is mostly sweet but does have a little mean streak in him. He's a bird hunter, leg crawler, and lap cuddler. Now he also has a baby in his family. I'm not sure he's too thrilled about that.
This dog isn't taken care of by anyone I know, but was spotted outside a vegan ice cream shop and I couldn't resist his cute face. The woman he was with just adopted him from the shelter and wasn't sure his breed and was going to get him DNA tested because he's so interesting looking. I almost wish I had gotten her info to know the results. Any guesses?
And finally, Layla. She seems sweet from across the room, but watch out, she's a hisser! She actually attacked my leg as I walked by. I want to love her and rehabilitate her, but she's just the kind of cat that does the best with just one person. She loves her human, my cousin, but isn't too fond of anyone else. She's a tiny kitty and was found on the streets of Brooklyn, malnourished.
 I'll love you from afar, Layla.
Many of my and Chris's family members have rescued cats and dogs. I appreciate that their hearts are big enough to take in an animal that has had a troubled past or isn't "purebred." Rescued animals are the best!

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Vegan Flower said...

I think what draws me to Lily so much is that she has the "angry kitty face" just like Sophie, but they're both snugglers. :)

Zeus is adorable and his underbite certainly gives him character. I love Sid's full name. It sounds like it fits him!

The pup outside of the shop is as cute and unique as can be! My best guess is some kind of sheperd mix. I know a kitty like Layla, long ago. Her name was Meesie and she was also a one person kitty, hissing and clawing at you if you got near her. I loved her all the same. <3