Sunday, May 8, 2011

weekend highjiinks

This weekend was full of highjinks. Yes the pups and Foucault gave me some mom's day treats, notably some incense to cover up certain odors that seem to eminate from the litter box. Thanks guys.

Usually I take Ellie on a walk after sundown and she's a dream walker, I barely even noticed she's with me. She keeps a great pace. Sure, she sniffs here and there but we've got a system down. Today when Chris had to go to meet someone and suggested I bring her along (to get ou tof his morning dog walk duty) I agreed. I had forgotten how she can be in daylight.

All went well for awhile other than some fear of the noiser streets and buses that she's still a little skittish of. Then she sees a squirrel and all heck breaks loose. Here she is, caught on tape.

When she does that I just have to ride it out until she calms down a bit. Or evacuate the area. She's got blinders on and nothing can distract her. This sort of thing really hurts my back so I have to brace against something like a tree to help hold her back. Ugh.

Foucault  was a sweetie at times, cuddling on my lap while I caught up on some of my favorite shows. He's a Gleek just like me.
Although the non song portions were putting him to sleep and I caught these funny eye movements on video.

Then he decided to swipe at Sienna a few times as she went by. Which doesn't phase her much.

Sienna was a little out of sorts this weekend and didn't want to eat for a day, which she does periodically. Whenever I get too concerned, she perks up and eats again. I wonder why she does this but I've just come to realize she fasts about once a month and it usually works out ok.

Hope your weekend was fun!


Schnauzer Days said...

Well done Ellie! You did a grand job scaring that squirrel off and would have caught it if you could we're sure! Dex & Louis x

Vegan Flower said...

Foucault is just so snuggly & cute. I love his eye movements in the video. It's like he's trying so hard to keep his eyes open. lol

Emma gets in squirrel mode, too, and seems to hear & see nothing else. Both of my girls are pullers, so our walks really give us a workout.

Oskar said...

Excellent work with the squirrel! Love the Gleek kitty.

Nubbin wiggles,