Friday, December 24, 2010

how to get coal for christmas (by sienna)

I do not recommend trying this at home! One day my mom and dad went out. Mom had left something in a box that smelled good. Like peanut butter. I opened it up and it was lots of yummy stuff! I ripped it all up and ate most of it.

Mom and dad came home and they were so worried. Turns out I am not supposed to eat that stuff because it's toxic to dogs. It tasted so good! It was chocolate. I ate all but the spicy one. It was a lethal dose so I had to go to the ER vet and get a shot to vomit. I puked up lakes of chocolate. Then I was out of the woods.

I had to get charcoal in my belly but I refused to take it and the vet tech got it all over her and my fur. Then they brought me out to the waiting room and I drooled all over mom and a guy who was in the waiting room. And I barfed on mom's coat and pants. I finally got discharged.

Luckily I am ok now. It sure was hard work but I had a fun time, well at least before the barfing part. Mom says I am on Santa's naughty list but I already got coal so I can get a toy now too.

Happy Holidays everyone! love sienna
Merry Christmas from Ellie too. First Christmas in her new home!


Vegan Dog's Life said...

Is this something that happened recently? I can understand the allure of chocolate- it sure is tasty! So glad that Sienna made it through that. How scary!

Happy holidays to you & your family, Aimee!

bitt said...

yes, it was in a box ready to be mailed out. sienna was a naughty girl!