Monday, December 27, 2010

max and ruffy's tasty treats

Taste the rainbow of doggie biscuits!

I had to hold off on reviewing these delicious treats because of Ellie's strict diet. Sienna wanted them but it was cruel to taunt Ellie. Well Chris and I decided that we'd let Ellie have some buckwheat (she hadn't been having it before), so she could indulge in some Max and Ruffy's. The pups have had them before when their auntie mailed them some straight from Alexandria.

The humans should love these treats because they are al natural and cruelty-free (no animal products). Many of the kinds are good for pups with allergies. The flavors sound a little odd like kelp and blueberry, but I can assure you even picky Ellie (who is becoming a bit less picky) loved them.
 The biscuits come in mini size for training or in larger size. A handful of them makes a good snack for when dinner's running late or a fun dessert for pups.
 The only thing I guess we wish is that none of them had wheat in them at all since I'm allergic and Ellie might be too. But we understand that not everyone is.

Thank you so much for sending us these treats to review Max and Ruffy's! You made some pups very happy!
I have been making some videos of the I just have to get my act together to upload them. Stay tuned.


Vegan Dog's Life said...

I've been wanting to try these out for a while now, but haven't yet. The only thing that I'm concerned with about them is that the pumpkin flavor contains nutmeg (which is toxic to dogs). Otherwise they look great!

bitt said...

hadn't heard that about nutmeg! I'll ask the company about it. maybe they can take it out.

Two Pitties in the City said...

She does look quite happy with it. Looking forward to your videos.

Avalon said...

I hardly eat anything else than organic and/or homemade treats and food. They're more delicious than most other food and they don't contain toxins and undetermined substances. Those treats of yours look great too.

~Avalon Lion,